NOTD: Teal and Aqua Striped Nails



Hi!  Today I’m sharing my teal and aqua striped nails from yesterday. I used a teal linear holographic polish and an aqua creme polish for my mani.


I started with a base of Glisten & Glow ‘Hypnotiq Hurricane’. This is an absolutely gorgeous teal linear holographic polish!  I used two thicker coats and a top coat in the picture above!  The formula is awesome and so easy to apply!  This is from the Cocktails Anyone? collection. I highly suggest checking them out!

Once my base color was completely dry, I used nail tape from What’s Up Nails nail art store to make my stripes.  I used Regular Straight Tape and Wide Straight Tape. On my middle finger, I put down four pieces of regular straight tape and I made sure they were pressed down securely. You don’t want any nail polish getting underneath your nail tape, or it will ruin your whole design!  I painted over everything using China Glaze ‘Too Yacht to Handle’, and I instantly peeled up the tape. This left me with perfectly straight lines!  You just want to make sure that you are quick with pulling up the tape, or the polish will start to dry and the lines could start getting messy.  I waited for it to dry for a couple of minutes and then finished with a top coat!

For my ring finger, I used the wide straight tape to make one thick line down the center of my nail. I put down two pieces of the tape, and I used TYTH to paint the parts of my nail not covered with tape. I instantly pulled up the tape and waited for it to dry, so I could finish with a coat of top coat. I added a gold diamond shaped stud while the top coat was still wet and finished with one more coat of top coat.

This was a recreation of one of Dianna’s (@dsetterfield on Instagram) manicures.  I was lucky enough to do a mani swap with her!  She is so sweet and has amazing manicures on her instagram!


Here is a picture of our mani swap collage. She recreated my FAVORITE manicure from 2015!  Definitely check her out!

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed today’s post!  ❤



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