Orly Spring 2016 Melrose Collection


Hi!  It’s Jessica from @mynailpolish_addiction on Instagram!  Today, for my first blog post ever, I’m sharing my swatches for the Orly Spring 2016 Melrose Collection!  There are six polishes in this collection. There are three creme polishes, two shimmers, and one holographic glitter!  The collection will be released in February 2016, but you can find it online from head2toebeauty or transdesign.


First up is ‘Beautifully Bizarre’.  This is a gorgeous pale pink with a pearl shimmer. This one had a nice formula! I used three thin coats plus a topcoat in this picture. I was surprised at how much I loved this one because I don’t normally go for pale pinks.



The next polish is ‘Trendy’, which is an awesome peachy coral with a silver shimmer. This polish is absolutely perfect for the Spring/Summer time!  I think I found my first pedicure color for the season!  This polish is slightly textured, so it makes it a little hard to work with. I used three thin coats plus a top coat, and it worked out just fine for me!


The next polish is ‘Vintage’, which looks like a neon minty turquoise to me!  (I’m really bad at describing colors!) I have been looking for a neon mint color for the longest time!  This one dries matte, making it a little hard to work with. Again, I used three thin coats plus a top coat in this picture.


Next is ‘Window Shopper’, a bright berry polish.  This is nearly a one-coater!  I added a second coat because I could still see a little bit of my nail line. ‘Window Shopper’ had a great formula!  I had a really hard time taking this one off because it was so beautiful!


‘Hip and Outlandish’ is another polish from this collection with a really great formula!  I wasn’t able to capture the true color of this polish in my picture. It’s more teal in real life. I’m IN LOVE with this one! ‘Hip and Outlandish’ dried to a matte finish.  I did two thicker costs plus a top coat.


The last polish in this collection is ‘Feel the Funk’.  This one is so awesome!  It is a light purple holographic glitter. I wore this one all day, and in some lights, it looked like a light purple-pink.  ‘Feel the Funk’ reminds me of ‘Mirrorball’ from the 2014 holiday collection.  The formula was a little tricky because of how thick the polish was.  I did three coats plus a top coat.

Overall, I think this collection is amazing and definitely worth purchasing!  The two that stood out the most to me were ‘Feel the Funk’ and ‘Vintage’!  What does everyone think?!  Leave a comment down below!  I’m excited to see what everyone writes!




9 thoughts on “Orly Spring 2016 Melrose Collection

  1. This isn’t really a reply to a post, but it won’t let me do a new post on my phone. Anyway . 🙂 I want you to know you already cost me some money on your first blog day. lol I didn’t even know about this collection, but your photos are so beautifully done that I ended up buying some of them. So you’re already an enabler! Seriously, your pictures are wonderful, and I like the way you write. I can’t wait to see your future posts! 🙂

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