Glisten & Glow Serenity in Spring Collection



Hi! Today I’m sharing swatches of the Serenity in Spring collection by Glisten & Glow. There are six beautiful crème polishes in this collection. The six polishes aren’t bright pastels, they are muted and dusty shades. I don’t have a lot of polishes like these in my collection, I think that’s why I’m so in love! I’m happy that I was able to get them during the Early Bird Special because I don’t think I could have waited until March 18 when they are released! Let’s take a look at each polish.


All six polishes had great formulas and were easy to apply. I did two coats for each polish, a thin first coat and a thicker second coat. I also topped each with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.


‘Mantras Atop Mountains’, a dusty purple gray crème polish.



‘Harmonious Healing’, a gorgeous blue green crème polish. This is one of my favorites from the collection!



‘Tranquility in Time’, a creamy muted green crème polish.



‘Inner Purpose Ignites’, a beautiful mauve crème polish.



‘Calming Ones Chakras’, a muted lavender crème polish.



‘Sea of Silence’, a gorgeous periwinkle cornflower blue crème polish. This is another one of my favorites from the collection!


Well, do you all love this collection as much as I do?! They’re gorgeous and perfect for the Spring time. I already have a bunch of mani ideas for these polishes! Leave a comment down below and let me know if you’d like to see them here. This collection will be available to purchase on March 18. You will be able to find them on the Glisten & Glow website.  Talk to you next time!


LONDONTOWN Spring/Summer 2016 Review!


Hi!  I have an exciting review to share today!  I received the LONDONTOWN Spring/Summer 2016 collection and the kur protective top coat for review.  There are four polishes in the collection. Two are soft, sheer polishes with great formulas and two are opaque in one, thick coat!  Let’s take a look…


Here is ‘Royal Wedding’, a beautiful coral creme!  The formula is absolutely flawless! It was nearly opaque in one thick coat!  The reason why I say nearly opqaue is because I had a bald spot on two nails. My swatch shows two coats topped with the kur protective top coat.  A color like this is a staple for me for the Spring and Summer time!  This would also make a perfect pedicure color.


Next is ‘Duchess’, a pure white creme. This polish also has a great formula!  Just like ‘Royal Wedding’, ‘Duchess’ is nearly a one coater!  It is so hard to find a white polish that is a one coater, so I was pleased to find one.  My swatch shows two coats topped with the kur protective top coat.


Next is ‘Invisible Crown’, a soft, sheer pink polish. This one had a great formula for a sheer polish. It was not very streaky, and there were only a few bald spots on my nails.  My swatch shows three coats topped with the kur protective top coat. I think this would be the perfect color for a French manicure and a pond manicure!  I will definitely be trying that soon!


Last is ‘Princess Awaits’, an opaque white with a gorgeous golden shimmer. I love this one so much!  It is very hard to get a picture of the golden shimmer, but it is definitely there!  Once again, for a sheer polish, this has a great formula.  My swatch shows three coats topped with the kur protective top coat.


I did this cute floral manicure that is perfect for the Spring time using three of the four polishes in the collection. My base is ‘Princess Awaits’, and the flowers were made using ‘Royal Wedding’ and ‘Duchess’ with a dotting tool. It was such a simple manicure, but I loved it so much!


I did this manicure using ‘Invisible Crown’ as my base and ‘Duchess’ for my stamped butterfly. I added dots using Essie ‘Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low’.

I want to thank LONDONTOWN for sending me these nail polishes to review!  Overall, I thought the collection was great and definitely worth trying out!  You can find all the polishes and more by clicking this link here.  You can see more swatches on my instagram: @mynailpolish_addiction. See you next time!



Born Pretty Store Review!


Hi! I haven’t posted in a while! Sorry about that. Anyway, I have an exciting post to share with you today!  About a month ago, I received three different items from the Born Pretty Store to review.  I got a sheet of gold nail stickers, a small container of nail studs and a small bag of triangle nail decorations.


The first manicure that I did was this Pantone Color of the Year inspired gradient with gold accents.  I used the triangle nail decorations, item #20314.  The triangles are a little hard to pick up because they are so tiny and thin.  However, because they are so thin, it’s easy to bend them to fit the shape of your nail.  I wish I realized that before I placed the triangles on my pinky nail and applied top coat because they did stick up a bit.  I was able to bend the triangles easily once they were on my index and pointer fingers by gently pressing them down and rolling my finger back and forth at the same time.  Just make sure your nails are completely dry before you start to press down!  You don’t want to ruin all of your hard work by smudging your nail polish!


Here is the manicure that I did using the nail studs that I received, item #20579.  I really like this item because the container is filled with nail studs of different shapes, colors, and patterns to choose from!  As you can see, I chose the pink and black speckled square studs because I thought they were so unique!  They’re easy to pick up with a dotting tool and apply to your nail with a little dot of top coat. I don’t use nail studs all that often so I’m glad there are a variety to choose from.  This way, when I want to use them, I will have something new to choose from each time!


Here is my manicure using the gold nail stickers, item #21776.  The sheet came with single chevron stickers, as seen on my nail in the picture above, and heartbeat stickers.  I absolutely loved using them because they are so cute and easy to use!  All you have to do is peel the sticker off of the sheet and place it on your nail.  Be sure that the surface of your nail is nice and clean before putting the sticker down or it will not stay on.  I suggest using a top coat over the sticker to help keep it on your nail for a longer period of time.  For my manicure, I didn’t add a top coat because I loved how my base (OPI ‘I Couldn’t Bare Less!’) looked without it.  After a couple of hours, my sticker was starting to lift around the edges.


I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little nail inspiration!  I’m looking forward to using all of these items in future manicures.  Remember to use my coupon code SICAX31 for 10% off your order!  They have a ton of different nail art supplies to choose from.  Talk to you next time!

NOTD: Teal and Aqua Striped Nails



Hi!  Today I’m sharing my teal and aqua striped nails from yesterday. I used a teal linear holographic polish and an aqua creme polish for my mani.


I started with a base of Glisten & Glow ‘Hypnotiq Hurricane’. This is an absolutely gorgeous teal linear holographic polish!  I used two thicker coats and a top coat in the picture above!  The formula is awesome and so easy to apply!  This is from the Cocktails Anyone? collection. I highly suggest checking them out!

Once my base color was completely dry, I used nail tape from What’s Up Nails nail art store to make my stripes.  I used Regular Straight Tape and Wide Straight Tape. On my middle finger, I put down four pieces of regular straight tape and I made sure they were pressed down securely. You don’t want any nail polish getting underneath your nail tape, or it will ruin your whole design!  I painted over everything using China Glaze ‘Too Yacht to Handle’, and I instantly peeled up the tape. This left me with perfectly straight lines!  You just want to make sure that you are quick with pulling up the tape, or the polish will start to dry and the lines could start getting messy.  I waited for it to dry for a couple of minutes and then finished with a top coat!

For my ring finger, I used the wide straight tape to make one thick line down the center of my nail. I put down two pieces of the tape, and I used TYTH to paint the parts of my nail not covered with tape. I instantly pulled up the tape and waited for it to dry, so I could finish with a coat of top coat. I added a gold diamond shaped stud while the top coat was still wet and finished with one more coat of top coat.

This was a recreation of one of Dianna’s (@dsetterfield on Instagram) manicures.  I was lucky enough to do a mani swap with her!  She is so sweet and has amazing manicures on her instagram!


Here is a picture of our mani swap collage. She recreated my FAVORITE manicure from 2015!  Definitely check her out!

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed today’s post!  ❤


Orly Spring 2016 Melrose Collection


Hi!  It’s Jessica from @mynailpolish_addiction on Instagram!  Today, for my first blog post ever, I’m sharing my swatches for the Orly Spring 2016 Melrose Collection!  There are six polishes in this collection. There are three creme polishes, two shimmers, and one holographic glitter!  The collection will be released in February 2016, but you can find it online from head2toebeauty or transdesign.


First up is ‘Beautifully Bizarre’.  This is a gorgeous pale pink with a pearl shimmer. This one had a nice formula! I used three thin coats plus a topcoat in this picture. I was surprised at how much I loved this one because I don’t normally go for pale pinks.



The next polish is ‘Trendy’, which is an awesome peachy coral with a silver shimmer. This polish is absolutely perfect for the Spring/Summer time!  I think I found my first pedicure color for the season!  This polish is slightly textured, so it makes it a little hard to work with. I used three thin coats plus a top coat, and it worked out just fine for me!


The next polish is ‘Vintage’, which looks like a neon minty turquoise to me!  (I’m really bad at describing colors!) I have been looking for a neon mint color for the longest time!  This one dries matte, making it a little hard to work with. Again, I used three thin coats plus a top coat in this picture.


Next is ‘Window Shopper’, a bright berry polish.  This is nearly a one-coater!  I added a second coat because I could still see a little bit of my nail line. ‘Window Shopper’ had a great formula!  I had a really hard time taking this one off because it was so beautiful!


‘Hip and Outlandish’ is another polish from this collection with a really great formula!  I wasn’t able to capture the true color of this polish in my picture. It’s more teal in real life. I’m IN LOVE with this one! ‘Hip and Outlandish’ dried to a matte finish.  I did two thicker costs plus a top coat.


The last polish in this collection is ‘Feel the Funk’.  This one is so awesome!  It is a light purple holographic glitter. I wore this one all day, and in some lights, it looked like a light purple-pink.  ‘Feel the Funk’ reminds me of ‘Mirrorball’ from the 2014 holiday collection.  The formula was a little tricky because of how thick the polish was.  I did three coats plus a top coat.

Overall, I think this collection is amazing and definitely worth purchasing!  The two that stood out the most to me were ‘Feel the Funk’ and ‘Vintage’!  What does everyone think?!  Leave a comment down below!  I’m excited to see what everyone writes!